rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cooling At Last

Although I woke up way later than I'd planned I still managed to get to the bus-accessible store this afternoon. Later I walked to Grocery Outlet for donuts and orange juice, and then this evening to Trader Joe's for a quart of milk. On the way to TJ's I noticed something very odd. One of the sections of parking lot at the North Valley Plaza was packed, even though I've never before seen more than two or three cars in its seventy or eighty spaces. As I went around the building housing the Goodwill store I saw that the lot on that side was packed, too, as was the lot that runs through the middle of the center in front of the movie theater.

That's when I figured out that there must have been some big blockbuster movie opening. Turns out it was the latest Avengers movie, which opened last night. If Chico is any indication, it's going to make a bundle. Trader Joe's is in the building across the lot from the theater, but its entrance is on the far side o it, and when I got there I saw that the parking lot between there and the CVS on the south side of the center was also packed, but TJ's, usually very busy that time of day, was practically empty. Most likely the customers went away because they couldn't find a parking spot. This is the first time I've ever seen that lot full. I guess it's a good thing the other movies showing at the multiplex are mostly crap, or my street might be full of parked cars too.

Gee, life in the mini-metropolis is so exciting.

It was slightly less hot today than yesterday, and is supposed to get a few degrees cooler tomorrow, and then cooler still next week, so maybe we will be having a bit of normal April weather in early May. The early heat has been unpleasant for me, but at least the nights have not been sultry, and I've been able to get the apartment tolerably cool by morning. That won't be the case when sumer comes, so maybe I should save my complaining for then. I'd hate to run out of grousing supplies in the middle of a horrendous Central Valley heat wave.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I don't think there's anything I need from the stores, other than Safeway, which I can't easily get to on the bus. If I could get hold of one of the nephews with a truck I could go to the Goodwill store and see if the two rather ugly old La-Z-Boy swivel chairs they have knocked down to 99 cents each are still there. They are upholstered with a brown, tweedy material that sags a bit, but they seem quite serviceable, and are on the small side and would thus not crowd my small living room too much. At two bucks for the pair I could easily afford to discard them if it turns out I really dislike them. That is if I would be able to find anybody willing to take them. Goodwill hasn't had any luck getting rid of them, and I doubt they'd accept them back. Once bitten, after all. Ah, well, I doubt I could get any of the truck-owning nephews to fetch them on such short notice anyway.

I only had a Taco Bell burrito for dinner, and I'm getting a bit hungry again. It's too hot for Ramen, but maybe I'll microwave a small bowl of popcorn. Which reminds me, I need to put popcorn salt on my Safeway shopping list. Regular salt is just too coarse for use on popcorn. I had an almost-new shaker of popcorn salt in my house when it burned. You just never think to bring such things along when you evacuate a burning town, let alone the far more important, irreplaceable things. Too bad I can't put my cats on a shopping list.

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