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Late last night I heard a cricket chirping. It only chirped a few times, then fell silent. I heard it again, briefly, this evening, but nothing since. It was very warm today, and the evening was mild, so I'd expect the crickets to be more active. Perhaps they are hiding from that mockingbird. The near absence of wildlife from this neighborhood is a bit strange. There are only a few birds, I've seen squirrels a few times, and there is a small lizard who has been sunning itself on the retaining wall below my fence in the late mornings, but otherwise nothing. There haven't even been very many insects about.

My sleep schedule got very odd yesterday, and I ended up having more a series of naps than an actual sleep. I've bought some cold brew coffee, and if I remember to drink any, and do so in the right amounts a the right times, I might be able to nudge myself into a more regular pattern. I'm not counting on it, though. The fact is that I still don't feel totally connected to reality here. Several times I've woken up with no clue where I am. There's no telling how long it will be before this place becomes sufficiently familiar that I'll be able to recognize it right away. Maybe it never will.

Something else very odd happened this evening. I glanced at the tray on my computer and the Internet Explorer icon was in it. I clicked on it and saw a page I didn't recognize, but I think it was Microsoft's default homepage. But I didn't open IE, and in fact didn't even know there was a copy on the computer as here is no desktop icon for it. It must have just opened itself, since there's nobody else around. Or else I have multiple personality disorder, or the apartment is haunted. One of those things. Weird.

I'm still getting occasional messages from cat matchers, but none of the cats they point me to are mine. I'm getting to the point where I can no longer convince myself that I'll ever see any o those cats again. Maybe if they recovered just one I'd have something familiar nearby when I wake up not knowing where I am.

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