rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Another Failed Prediction

I just can't seem to get off standard time this year. It's almost midnight again and it still feels like an hour earlier. But today it means I almost missed LJ's 20th anniversary. I was of doing other stuff around the Internets and didn't see this post until a few minutes ago. That page even has a form from which you can make a comment on the first post, which Brad actually made on March 18, 1999, almost a month before the domain name was registered on April 15. So I guess I did actually miss the real, as opposed to official, anniversary, which was last month. Anyway, I already commented on the first post over 18 years ago, and commented on it again a couple of times later. Long strange trip.

Today was otherwise fairly dull. The rain that was expected turned out to be occasional sprinkles, though it turned out rather chilly and was overcast all day. I could have gone out, but didn't bother. But it turns out I will be getting a ride to Safeway tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about dealing with the annoying bus schedule. I also got the stuff I ordered from J. C. Penney's. Tracking said it would arrive tomorrow, but it turned up today. Good thing the rain failed to come. or the package might have gotten wet.

But now I have three new sport coats that do fit me. The material is not a nice as that of the coats I bought earlier which are too big, and the colors are not as nice, but they fit, dammit, so I'm not as annoyed as I might have been about the fact that these three actually cost me more than the three that don't fit did. They were not clearance items, just regular sale items, but I needed something I could actually wear.

Hark! I do believe I hear rain falling at last. I hope the end of the storm won't delay as long as the beginning has, if it has in fact arrived. It might interfere with my shopping trip. Now I must eat something, as I forgot to have both lunch and dinner today. I think I ate some chips and drank a bottle of beer. I get so forgetful anymore. I hope the people who run the "home" I end up in will take better care of me than I do.

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