rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Usual Lamentable Stuff

The bottom just fell out of Tuesday, plunging me into Wednesday before I'm ready. This despite the fact that I never went out of the apartment today— except into the back yard, but the back yard being very small and entirely walled off and private I don't think of it as really being outside the apartment. The problem is I'm still on standard time. How long that will last I don't know, but it seems to me that I used to be able to make the adjustment more rapidly and easily. Another consequence of age, I suppose.

Today was a bit cooler than yesterday, but the mockingbird was singing just as cheerfully most of the afternoon. It probably sang cheerfully through the morning as well, but I wasn't awake to hear it. I slept until near noon, and then took a semi-intentional nap this evening. I say semi-intentional because, although I didn't want to actually sleep, I decided to lie down for a few minutes in spite of knowing the risk. I ended up sleeping about an hour, which was enough to leave me feeling rushed all evening. Rushed, but rested. One more consequence of age, I suppose.

I've ordered more stuff from Kohl's, having just about recovered from the previous shopping experience, and found it somewhat less hellish this time, but not much. I fear I will never be any better at online shopping than I am at actual store shopping. The first order is due to arrive Friday, and the second will probably come early next week. Then I hope I'll be done with such things for quite a while. But I'm not optimistic enough to believe that that's the case. There is other stuff that will surely want to be bought, and will chose me to buy it. Shopping, I fear, is the fate most of us who have been born in this age of the world must endure at least now and then.

Oops. I just tried to check another web page and it told me there is no Internet connection. Apparently I've let the battery on my phone run down completely. I'm recharging it, but it the loss of power shut down the hot spot connection, and the device won't let me access any if its functions until it has completely recharged, so it could be a couple of hours before I get back online and can post this. That's assuming it will work at all. I guess I'll have to go read for a while.

Well, that only took two hours. Hello, Internets. Nice to have you back. I'll have to be more careful about keeping the battery charged in the future.

Need to sleep.

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