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Kohl's is a nice store, but their web site turns out to be even more annoying than the one J. C. Penney runs. I tried to order something last night and it was so glitchy that I ended up needing to call their support line, which wasn't available until five o'clock in the morning. I finally got the order in, then didn't get to sleep until seven. I woke up about eleven, and now can hardly stay awake, but dare not take a nap since I have stuff on cooking that's taking way longer than I expected, and I don't want to be awakened by the smoke alarm when the stuff burns, which is what will happen if I go to sleep.

Other stuff happened today, but I was too dazed to understand much of it. My brother-in-law managed to put together the nightstand I bought, and it has been installed next to the bed, which means I can move the chair I was using as a night stand over to the other side of the bed, where I had been using an unopened, 12-roll package of paper towels as a perch for a box of tissues and the controls for the electric blanket. Just in time, too, since I used up the last of my other paper towels in the flood, and really need to open that 12-pack. The drawer in the new nightstand will also serve as a place to keep various important papers and such, so I'll not only have more space on my kitchen table but will also be able to find things when I need them, without disarranging a bunch of other stuff.

I also managed to get out and buy a box of donuts, too, so I can return to my usual morning (or whenever I wake up) ritual tomorrow. Performing tasks as complex as making toast and buttering it are beyond my capacity for the first hour or so after I wake up. It's a wonder I even get the tea made that time of day.

Whoa, nodded off in my chair. for half an hour. Lucky I didn't fall out. I'd best go outside and get some fresh air for a while.

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