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Much of the day was spent drying things out. The managers of the apartments came by and did a lot of cleanup. I had managed to get most of the water out of my apartment last night, but the rugs were still sopping. The four smaller ones went into the dryer and came out fine, but the big one (I think it's 8x10) wouldn't fit so had to be hung over the fence, and it's still a bit damp since we had no sunshine to speak of. As the rain is supposed to startup again by tomorrow afternoon I'll have to keep an eye on it. I it doesn't get totally dry I'll have to bring it back in anyway lets it get even wetter.

The ground floor of the apartment in front got it worse than mine did. The entire floor was flooded. The storm cell dropped as much as five inches of rain on Chico in just a few hours, but the official measurement was quite a bit less, the weather station where rainfall is measured being outside the pat of town that got the heaviest rain. But at one point last night the National Weather Service reported two feet of standing water along Pillsbury Road, the street that is between this neighborhood and the shopping center. That temporary lake was the one that backed up into my driveway, but here it was only a few inches deep.

After we got the surface of the floor dry the managers brought in two big box fans which ran all afternoon and evening. The day was not too cold so the windows and doors could be left open. They were unable to bring in a dehumidifier as there had been flooding a over town and every one available had already been rented out. A guy is supposed to bring one by tomorrow.Hopefully it will be able to dry up any water still under the floorboards. I'm also oping it won't interfere with the trip to Safeway I've arranged for tomorrow afternoon. Since Friday is expected to be quite stormy again, I might not get another chance to go for several days, and maybe not until next week.

The evening was surprisingly mild, and I managed to go out and visit the Goodwill store where I bought a history book about San Francisco published by the University of California Press. It was apparently a textbook owned by a student named Sue, who wrote her name on it in red ink, and did some underlining in it. So far I haven't found any marginal notes, though.

I also stopped at Taco Bell and picked up a burrito, as I still didn't feel like cooking anything— or washing any dishes. Maybe I'l cook something tomorrow night. Tonight I'm just going to make some cocoa and cinnamon toast and fall into bed. I hope I don't wake up moldy.

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