rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Fooled By the Clock

Lost track of time again. I was thinking it was around ten o'clock, and here it is going on midnight. Maybe the rain that has been falling for the last hour or so lulled me. It was gray but dry most of the morning, and then when I went out this afternoon to use my bonus points at Kmart (I got a pair of pants for something like seventy cents out of pocket) I ended up getting sprinkled on. It was not bad. I used to walk in heavy rain all the time in Los Angeles, though I was much younger then. It was nice to have a little memory jogger of what it was like.

I've got another set of Kmart bonus points expiring tomorrow (maybe another pair of pant, though they'' be slightly more expensive), plus a good discount coupon for one item at CVS (I'm thinking round oven-safe glass pan) so I'm hoping for at least a brief dryish period. There'snow word on whether I'll be able to get to Safeway tomorrow, but if I don't I'll be missing a few pretty good deals. It might be just as well if I do,though, since I have so little cupboard and refrigerator to put stuff in.

I haven't thought beyond tomorrow at all. It should clear up by Wednesday, and I ought to try to do something a bit more adventurous than I've done so far. I still haven't gone to downtown Chico, which isn't all that far away, and I've been here going on five months. I also haven't yet tried the cheap lunch special they have at the Chinese restaurant that is less than a quarter of a mile walk from here. If I getup early enough and remember to do it, I might do that later this week.

A number of fire cats were brought in by the trappers over the weekend, and were posted on the Internet today, but again none of them are mine. It's getting very depressing to be looking at so many pictures of traumatized cats I've never met. I can't take a break from it, though, since I never know when one of mine might show up.

I'm going to go eat a couple of squares of Belgian chocolate, read for a wile, and listen to the rain. It's going to be summer soon, and I ought to store up memories of the cool weather to see me through the months of hellish central valley heat.

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