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Disruption [Mar. 30th, 2019|10:44 am]
Well, that was weird. After dinner last night I found myself nodding off at the computer, despite having had plenty of sleep the previous night, and lest I fall out of my chair I decided around nine o'clock to have a brief nap. To make sure the nap didn't last too long I left myself uncovered except for a small, lightweight throw over my shoulders. It didn't work. Though I woke briefly a couple of times, feeling quite chilly, and attempted to fully rouse myself, I didn't finally wake up until well after four o'clock this morning.

After getting up and walking around a few minutes I didn't fell fully rested, and I kept getting dizzy spells, so I decided to try going back to sleep, and got under the covers and turned the electric blanket on, but though I dozed a bit I couldn't get back to sleep and around half past five I turned the light on and read or an hour or so. By then light was coming into the sky, so I got up and went outside and heard the mockingbird singing its morning song. It felt very strange being awake at that time of day. I had a bit of a headache so I made a cup of tea, and turned the computer back on, and have been futzing on the Internets ever since.

The sudden sleepiness last night might have been brought on by another oversized meal. I had gone to pick up a couple of items at the Grocery Outlet and planned to stop at Taco Bell for a cheap burrito, since I didn't feel like cooking dinner, but between here and the Outlet is a small shopping center that has several restaurants, none of which I had tried yet, so I decided to splurge and get something from the Mexican place there, El Guayacan. It turned out to be quite nice, and the food very good, but the portions were huge.

Adjusted for inflation the prices were not much higher than those at Benny's, the suburban Los Angeles Mexican place I used to frequent in the 1960s, but when I got the takeout combination plate home I discovered that it had about half again as much food as Benny's combination plates had. I was unable to finish it. But I brought home a takeout menu, and found that they also have smaller combination plates, which would be a better choice next time, though the selection is somewhat limited. There is also a lunch menu, good until two o'clock in the afternoon, which features a wider selection of smaller combination plates, but I rarely eat a full meal that early in the day.

I also picked up the last of my K-mart orders yesterday— three more jackets, including a decent light windbreaker, a black faux-leather jacket, and a fleece-lined canvas coat, which will have to wait until cold weather returns before I can make use of it. Sadly, none of them have inside pockets, which seems a serious oversight in the age of mobile phones. I guess if I want to wear those jackets when I go out I'll have to carry a purse dispatch bag for the phone. There's no way I'm lugging around one of those enormous gym bags some guys use as purses. I don't look at all like a guy who goes to the gym, anyway, so everybody would know what I was actually using it for.

I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy now. Maybe I'll try taking a mid-morning nap. Although if it backfires I might end up sleeping until three or four in the afternoon, which would be disastrous, I'm sure, but if I keep yawning I could snap my jaw, so maybe I'd better chance it. There are no real plans for the day anyway. There seldom are, anymore.

[User Picture]From: sweetmeow
2019-03-30 08:56 pm (UTC)
For me naps are problematic. Sometimes even a short nap can wreck a night's sleep. I have insomnia on an occasional basis, and it doesn't take much for it to kick in. I also hate it when the urge to sleep mid afternoon hits, and I have to find all kinds of distractions to make it go away - sometimes to no avail. But I know what's in store for me if I give in to it. A night of tossing and turning!

I will say a morning nap is always a better choice than one closer to nighttime!
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