rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Thursday Spills Over

This afternoon I soaked my foot again, hoping it might improve enough that I could go out for a while, but it actually started feeling worse after it had been soaking for a while. I took a shower and then trimmed the nail and put more of the Dr. Scholls medicated ingrown toenail gel on it, but by the time it took effect it was too late to be going out. I want to go to K-mart tomorrow to spend the five dollars in points that expire after that, so I hope the foot keeps feeling okay.

The stuff I ordered online from J.C. Penney's arrived toady. I find that the jacket that burned up was probably a size 44, not 46 as I thought. The size 46 jackets I ordered are wearable, though, the one I had before having been just a bit too tight, but the 48 I ordered is going to be a problem. I might have a nephew of the right size who could use it, but I won't be wearing it myself unless I enroll in clown college.

I think I made dinner a bit too large again tonight. That hasn't happened for a few days, and I thought it might be over, but apparently not. I did improvise a decent sauce out of a variety of prepared sauce, and was somewhat surprised at how well it worked. Who would have thought that Carolina style barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, Cabernet marinara, soy sauce, and sriracha would all blend into something not just edible but actually quite interesting. It made it much easier to overeat.

No rain fell today, at least not after I got up, though it remained cloudy much of the afternoon. The long range forecast is now predicting no more rain before Monday, and Saturday is expected to be quite warm. Those lighter weight jackets arrived just in time. There could be more storms later next week, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just vanished from the forecast soon. Or they might be even stronger than expected. April weather is hard to predict.

There were few new rescued cat posts today, but it's possible that the milder weather upcoming will bring an increase next week. Still, I doubt the milder evening will be very cheerful for me. Going out into that tiny, catless back yard with no views and no stars in the sky, and hearing traffic passing on the freeway and not hearing any frogs croaking just won't be the same.

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