rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring Break

It's raining again tonight, though it stayed dry and spring-mild all day and I was able to get out twice, going to K-mart and then to CVS. At K-mart I bought a clearance sweater, fairly light for cool spring evenings, and a pair of lounging pants. I was hoping to get some plain gray sweat pants, but the Chico store had none on their clearance racks, so I settled or the only thing they had in my size, which is a black pair with block-lettered words outlined in neon shades of yellow, blue, green and purple reading "up all night." A double entendre, of course, which makes the pants the sort of thing a Playboy subscriber might have bought in the 1980s. The claim is, however, only half a lie in my case, since I do have insomnia.

At CVS I bought a small roll of parchment paper, since I've decided that aluminum foil is not ideal for certain baking needs. I'd hoped to also get a carton of their loss-leader eggs for $1.49, but of course they were sold out and will not be restocking. I guess I'll have to wait to make those fluffy pancakes I've been craving for a couple of days. The thought came to me the other day that I could put apple butter on them. I've never tried that, and now won't be satisfied until I do so and find out if it's really good or just another one of my odd notions that doesn't work out the way I imagined it would.

While speaking of odd notions, lately I've been waking up in the middle of sleep with odd phrases in my head. They are very interesting at the time I have them, but though I think I will remember them I never do, losing them when I go back to sleep. I try to recall them after I wake again, but haven't succeeded yet. Maybe once I get that nightstand assembled I'll be able to put a pad and pencil on it to jot these things down. I do expect to be disappointed when I read them the next day, but one never knows.

We're supposed to get thunderstorms and high winds tomorrow. Perhaps it will be like the thunderstorm a couple of days ago, and will be followed by a clear period in the afternoon. If so I'll be able to get out again, but if not there' really nothing I need right now. I probably shouldn't be walking around so much with my ingrown toenail acting up again anyway. I've got some Epsom salts to soak it in, so it might be good to stay here and do that. Besides, there are all those pictures of cats needing to be looked at on the Internet again and again and again.

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