rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Rantlet

I've spent the last couple of hours dealing with J. C. Penney's web site. I loaded $200 onto one of their gift cards at Safeway last week, then tonight picked out some stuff from their clearance sale online, but when I got to the checkout page I got a "There was an error while processing your request. Please try again" message. Repeatedly. I tried their "Check gift card balance" and got a "Problem in getting the response from the service!" notice (complete with exclamation point, as though they were as surprised as I am.) I've double checked the card number and pin number, and did indeed enter them correctly, so not my fault.

WTF? They've already got the money I loaded onto the card, so they don't feel obligated to actually sell me anything? If they think I'm going to give them my debit card number just to get through the checkout they should think again. It's their card and their system, and they ought to be able to make it work. I suppose I'll end up having to go to the actual store a the Chico Mall to get anything done about it. The reason I've ordered stuff online is so I wouldn't have to go down there. In the meantime all the clearance stuff I ordered on the web site will probably sell out, and I'll end up having to buy stuff at their regular prices just to get my $200 back. I was better off just buying cheap crap from K-mart, and K-mart is bankrupt! I wonder how much longer J. C.Penny will survive?

Anyway, day over. I'm going to go read something. Maybe Das Kapital. I feel a conversion coming on.

Edit: After much additional futzing about, I finally got the checkout page to accept the card number, but I have no idea how. Perhaps it was not broken, merely agonizingly slow. Anyway, the stuff is on its way. I have no idea if any of it will turn out to have been worth the aggravation. I wouldn't mind if I'd gotten a funny rantlet out of it, but re-reading that one in the light of day it falls flat. I used to get some decent jokes out of such situations, but I seem to be losing my touch. And if I lose my sense of humor completely, it's much to late in history for me to start writing the humor column for a local newspaper. The tragedy of old age.
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