rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For some reason I'm feeling very restless tonight. I'm pretty sure I haven't had any caffeine since that cup of tea around eleven o'clock this morning, so it can't be that. There hasn't been any excitement here today, either. I walked over to Trader Joe's for a giant chocolate bar and a lime, then to CVS for a six pack of beer (they just started a sale on Sierra Nevada, six packs for $6.49) and a couple of small bags of some sort of cheesy poofs (the Jalapeño Cheddar Style Corn and Quinoa Puffs were quite good) and stopped at the Goodwill store on the way to check the furniture and books (no books, though there are a couple of dining room chairs I like, but I decided they were too heavy and awkward to schlep home on foot.) I don't see how any of that would have made me feel like I'm about to jump out of my skin.

But the flowering trees thirty or forty feet down the trail are now clouds of pink, and lots of green is coming into the other trees, plus the buds on the bush along my back fence are starting to open into small, white flowers, so maybe there is a stimulative pollen of some sort in the air. I have been sneezing, and when I woke up today my head felt like it had been hanging out in the desert without me while I slept. If that's the problem then it ought to end tomorrow, since there is rain due, and the air is going to get washed.

It might also be that I'm getting progressively jumpier because so much remains unresolved, mostly as a result of my procrastination. No chiropractor, no dentist, no podiatrist to look after my ingrown toenail, no optometrist to see to my blurry vision, and most of all no cats. Whatever the cause of this floating anxiety, it is probably what mad me forget to eat dinner tonight, which I'm sure is not helping the situation. I'm going to go microwave some stuff, then read for a couple of hours. I have no fear of falling asleep too soon after eating since I'm so restless I feel like I might never fall asleep again. If I'm still feeling like that at three o'clock I'm breaking out the vodka for sure. I it doesn't knock me out at least I'll enjoy being drunk for a while.

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