rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

How Late It Is

For the last week or so I've been looking for stationary— in particular those linen tablets people used to write letters on. There was a sheet of paper with very dark lines, and the rest of the paper was unlined, and thin enough that you could see the lines of the lined page through them. This was what everybody used to write letters on, and you could buy these tablets in just about any dime store, drug store, or department store. Big stores would have a stationary department, and smaller stores would have a stationary aisle or counter, but stationary was ubiquitous. Now it appears that stores only have school supplies and office supplies, and stationary for letter writing is a thing of the past. Thanks, email.

Also today I found that not even Raley's has rye bread. I recall buying some in Paradise just a couple of years ago. Now I wonder if it was the last place on earth to have it? Has there been a rye blight? I can't find anything about such an event on the Internets. Google shows me dozens of pages with recipes for rye bread, and th e"shopping" link brings up many pictures of rye bread available from online merchants, and even tells me Target has some. Would I really have to go all the way to Target to get rye bread? It's way down at the far end of town and it would take two buses to get there. And I'm not convinced that if I went there I would actually find any on the shelf. I wonder if the stuff is illegal in Chico? Perhaps the college kids abused it.

Another disappointment was that the store was sold out of regular Guinness stout. They had plenty of the draft stuff, an abomination that does not belong in bottles or cans or anywhere else. Actual draft beer comes from a keg and is not goosed with nitrogen. So in lieu o the Guinness I bought some stuff made by a craft brewery in San Diego which the store had a closeout sale on. It's an IPA, not a stout, but it turned out to be quite good. Since it won't be available here anymore I now have one more thing to miss.

It was warm again today, but the forecast now calls for rain on Wednesday. Tuesday will just be cloudy, but still warm. Longer term still more rain is predicted, and a string of much cooler days and chilly nights even into the first weeks of spring. It was nice to have a few mild days, but I'm not bummed by the cooler weather coming up. I still don't have enough lightweight clothing for warm weather. A couple more weeks of coolness will give me a chance to find something.

I still haven't arranged a date to go looking at cats. I'm not seeing many in the shelters that might be mine, and I'm not sure where the very few that are similar enough to be worth a look are currently located. I'm actually getting very discouraged about the possibility of finding any of them, even the outdoor ferals. Several cats a day are still being brought into the shelters, though, and hundreds are still being fed by the volunteers. It's an awfully slim maybe, but maybe one of them is out there waiting to be trapped.

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