rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Under the Wire?

The futon is half assembled, and the nightstand (also requiring assembly) has arrived. We might get the futon finished tomorrow. Today we got a late stat and ran out of time. It's probably not going to look quite as cheap as I thought it might, though I wouldn't be inclined to call it handsome. There is one spot where the tufting of the upholstery could have been done better, and it looks a bit wrinkled, but everything else is decent. Even the fake leather is less offensive than it might have been, an the brown color is not vile.

Now that I've damned my major (and so far only) piece of living room furniture with faint praise, I can get on with more important things. Dinner was leftover beans and buttered bread. Leftovers are pretty easy, and the cleanup will be quick. That's the best thing about them. The next best thing of course is that I have beer with them. I have beer with just about every dinner, which puts the best thing into perspective.

It's going to top seventy degrees tomorrow, and will do so every day for the next five days. Even though it will cool off again after that, I'd venture to say that winter isn't coming back. There could be showers on next Wednesday, and more later in the week and early next week, but they will not be cold showers. Spring is definitely on the way.

Still no definite plans for going to look at cats, but it will have to wait until next week now. I'm aiming for Tuesday. I hope I can wake up fairly early than. The insomnia is being obnoxious lately. I might get to sleep a bit earlier tonight, though, since the dog on the other side of the bike path woke me up with furious barking before nine o'clock this morning, and kept it up long enough that I never got back to sleep, and then it was a busy day. I'm very tired tonight.

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