rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tuesday's Doings

This afternoon we picked up the futon from K-mart, but it hasn't been assembled yet. It's in a big box in the living room. The big box has a picture of it, but only about 1/6 scale, so if I squint at it it sort of makes the room look bigger. The room will look smaller once the thing is assembled. Now I have to get a couple of end tables, and lamps, and a couple of chairs, and a coffee table, and it will look like an actual room that somebody could spend time in doing something other than pacing. But then, where will I pace?

I should probably not count on getting it assembled tomorrow, since I really need to get to the bank. I can probably wake up early enough to do that. There might even be time to check the supermarket ads before I go, and two of the markets are very near the bank, so I can get two tasks done in one trip. I only hope that the excitement of doing two things in one day isn't too much for me.

It's possible I could get the futon assembled on Thursday, and have something to sit on other than this chair and the bed that tries to roll out from under me when I sit on it. Well, I could sit on the toilet of course, but I'm not one of those guys who reads in the bathroom. That makes me a bit weird, I know, but there it is. What I would really like to find next is an outdoor chair and small table for the backyard. Spring is coming, and it will be nice to sit outside for a while on a warm afternoon. A much nicer place for reading than a bathroom is. That is if I can learn to ignore the noise from the freeway.

No arrangements have been made yet to go see the cat who might be Shorty. I should get on that. They are likely to move him to Marysville soon, and then it would be much more difficult to go see him.

It was quite windy here today, and is expected to be even windier tomorrow. Although the afternoon was mild, it is chilly again tonight. I wonder at the hardiness of the person I now hear passing down the bike path out back with a machine playing music. I used to be that guy (though without the music machine), but now I wonder how I ever did so much walking on those cold winter nights. Brrr. I think I'll raise the thermostat another degree or two, then go read something in bed.

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