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Today I managed to get some laundry done, but not much else. There was more messaging about cats, but nothing definitive is arranged yet. Neither have I been able to arrange for a nephew to help pick up and assemble the futon I ordered from Kmart, which is at the store now. Actually I've been feeling pretty crappy all day, perhaps due to another over-sized (and partly overcooked) dinner last night. I ate something lighter tonight, and before I settle down for the night will probably make a cup cocoa to go with a slice of the cornbread I didn't finish last night. Cocoa is one of the few things I don't screw up in this awkward kitchen with all the unfamiliar utensils.

Although there are a couple cloudy days coming up there is no rain in the long-range forecast until a week from Thursday, an that's really too far off to be considered anything like a certainty. Most of the upcoming days are going to be mild, and a few will even be warm, and I expect to see a lot of things blooming over the next couple of weeks, and maybe leaves coming out on a few of the trees. There are lots of trees in Chico, though it's nowhere near as woodsy as the ridge. One large tree across the bike trail from my back yard might provide some decent shade in the late afternoons come summer. That might help moderate the hellish valley summer. I'm not going to miss the winter cold, but I'm not looking forward to the summer heat.

Sometime this week I must go transfer money from my savings account to my checking account so I can pay the rent. I haven't figured out how to set up the online banking thing, so I go bother a teller every month. I'd have done it today if I'd been feeling better, and had woken up earlier, and could have stopped in at Raley's to see what they had for their Monday specials. But what the hell, I've got more groceries than I need anyway. I didn't even bother to go to the Outlet or TJ's today. No idea what I will do tomorrow, or what day I'll go to the bank. I just can't plan ahead anymore.


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