rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sunday Late Again

Running really late again thanks to much messaging about potential cat matches. One of them seems like a real possibility, but I'm sure the other is not mine. Both were trapped very recently. We'll see how things go with the one I think might be one of mine. He is very distraught, and needs time to calm down so he can be observed and examined more carefully.

I got up fairly late, too, but since the clocks have gone an hour ahead I had enough daylight to get to both Grocery Outlet for donuts and Trader Joe's for butter and beer. Tomorrow is still a mystery, except that it will be sunny and mild. There are things I should do, but I can't seem to plan that far ahead. I'm thinking spring fever. I'm thinking those blossoming trees a couple of houses down might be sending pollen into the air. I feel muddled and a bit achy, and have sneezed several times. No escaping the allergies, even when your house in the woods burns down.

Sunday Verse

Wind and Tree

by Paul Muldoon

n the way that the most of the wind
Happens where there are trees,

Most of the world is centered
About ourselves.

Often where the wind has gathered
The trees together,

One tree will take
Another in her arms and hold.

Their branches that are grinding
Madly together,

It is no real fire,
They are breaking each other.

Often I think I should be like
The single tree, going nowhere,

Since my own arm could not and would not
Break the other. Yet by my broken bones

I tell new weather.


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