rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Dinner is very lat again tonight. I wasn't busy with anything important, I just dawdled a lot. Anyway, the taco filling is just about done, and everything else is ready to assemble, so I should go eat. Tonight is the night the clocks get pushed around (for some reason last night I thought it was last night but remembered before I set them forward prematurely.) It's nice that the computer is going to tell me when it happens, since I don't have a self-resetting cable box anymore, which means I have to set all the other clocks by hand.

The futon/couch thing I ordered from K-mart is already at the store, and I have a couple of weeks to pick it up. Now I must arrange nephews to fetch it and help (meaning do it all themselves while I watch) assemble it with their tools since I have none. No hammer, no screwdrivers, no pliers, no wrenches, no whatever those other things I don't understand are called. Nephews are handy sometimes, when you can get hold of them.

Tacos. Before midnight.

But still no cats.

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