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Dinner was late tonight. I got hung up with some cat-related posts on the Farcebook, after being tagged in a comment on a photo of a black cat that was trapped on my property. The thing is the cat was trapped on February 17 and transported to Marysville a couple of days later, and this is the first posting I've seen about it. I'm grateful to all the volunteers who are putting so much time and effort into helping the cats in the fire zone, but damn, the whole system is so disorganized.

Anyway, I'm not at all sure the cat in the photo is my black cat, but I've given the matchers and whoever information about his unusual behaviors and eventually (two or three more weeks, perhaps) someone might get around to observing this cat closely enough to see if he exhibits them. I'm not really expecting it to be him, but just in case.

I went out twice today, the first time to the Save Mart I take the bus to, and the second time to the Grocery Outlet I can walk to. There's a likelihood of rain later tonight and tomorrow morning, but if it clears up tomorrow afternoon I'll be getting a ride to Safeway, which should take care of all the grocery shopping for the week, unless I decide I want to take another bus trip to Raley's on Monday. That's entirely optional, though, if I go to Safeway tomorrow. There will be nothing I really need, other than replenishing the beer supply at Trader Joe's.

Oh, and I got another coupon deal from CVS, which is five dollars off any item in the store under ten dollars. It seems odd, that it's under ten dollars, rather than over ten dollars. One would think they'd want people to spend more, not less. But I don't run the store so I won't question their madness. It's good through Sunday, so there's one more trip.

But for somebody who really hates shopping I'm doing an awful lot of it these days. I'm obviously being punished for something.

Now I have late dinner dishes to wash, then reading to do, and good chocolate to eat.

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