rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Over Hump Day

Today's rain turned out to be intermittent, so during a sunny spell that came around a bit after four o'clock I went to CVS to us the coupon that gave me 40% of any item. I had intended to buy a teakettle, despite the fact that all any stores stock anymore are those flimsy, non-stainless steel things that dent easily. I'm tired of using a saucepan to heat water for tea every morning.

But when I got there I happened upon the light bulb aisle, and ended up getting a two-pack of LED bulbs. One of the bulbs in the kitchen light is burned out, and the light in that room is bad enough to begin with, and I hate changing bulbs, so I figured I'd just replace both of them with brighter LEDs and be done with the task for as long as I'm likely to stay here. I'll keep the old bulbs to put back in when I move out, because those pricey LED bulbs can last nine years, and I'm taking them with me. In fact I expect to leave them to somebody in my will, since I don't intend to get a lighted coffin.

It was still rainless and daylight when I got back, so I went out again and checked the books an furniture at the Goodwill store (none of either worth buying today) and then bought beer and chocolate and dishwashing liquid at Trader Joe's. I forgot to get butter, but that's better than forgetting the chocolate would have been. I also ended up getting a burrito at Taco Bell, then heated up some leftover carnitas to go with it for dinner. I also downed two bottles of beer, for which I blame the oven for taking too long to reheat the meat. The burrito and the first bottle of beer were gone by the time it was ready.

The erratic spring forecast is now saying it could rain on Friday and Saturday, so plans for the rest of the week are uncertain, except I intend to go to at least one of the distant grocery stores tomorrow. None of them have very much worth buying this week, so there won't be too much stuff to carry home on the bus. My freezer is still overstuffed anyway.

Oh, look, midnight gone by again. Why can't I keep track of the time anymore? Life in the mini-metropolis is just too exciting, I guess.

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