rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It has rained all day, and though seldom very intense it has been persistent enough to keep me cooped up. The farthest I've been from the front door is out to the street to fetch in the emptied wheelie bin and check the mailbox. There was no mail. I wasn't expecting any, but it was still a disappointment. Seeing my name on an envelope lets me know that at least part of the world still believes I exist, which is usually enough to convince me of the same.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be pretty much the same as today's, so I'll probably be stuck here until Thursday. I've got some K-mart and CVS coupons expiring on the 8th which I really want to take advantage of, so Thursday and Friday will be busy days. Busy by my standards, in any case. Maybe my standards will change some day, but not just yet. For now I'm still considering it an accomplishment to wake up each day and get my eyes to focus within an hour.

There are still dishes to wash. I'm rather pleased at how long I've gone without going to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink. After they are done tonight I will reward myself with some chocolate. Not the best chocolate, which is gone, but some of the second best chocolate. The best chocolate will have to wait until I get to Trader Joe's again. Another task for Thursday. A busy day indeed!

No, still no cats.

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