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Whoa, after midnight already. I totally lost track of the time. Someone pointed me to a web site run by the University of California at Santa Barbara called the FrameFinder, which has a huge collection of historic aerial photographs, essentially precursors to the satellite views at Google Maps. I spent hours looking at views of places I'm familiar with, some o them going back to the 1920s and some more recent. They are all TIFF files, which means they take a while to download, but lots of fun to look at once you get them. Every dot on the maps marks the center of an aerial photo, the dark red ones being the oldest and the pale yellow ones the newest. Not every photo has been digitized, but quite a few have, at least in the areas I was looking at. I'll surely be spending a lot more time on this site.

This afternoon I dealt with some business I had to attend to, and after that I went out to buy some tea, having discovered just this morning after using the last of the tea I had out that I can't find the rest of it, although I'm sure I had a box somewhere. Anyway, I was able to get some at CVS with a discount coupon, and on the way I stopped a the Goodwill store again to see if any new furniture or books had come in. Again no furniture I can use, but I did find a book about the rise of Impressionism and its cultural context, mostly text, but it will be a nice companion to the LACMA catalog of the 1984 Impressionist exhibit I got the other day. I also picked up a paperback copy of Swann's Way. I had no Proust to burn in Paradise, though I'd always intended to read him eventually. The opening volume of À la recherche du temps perdu seems a fitting place to start.

The weather forecast is back to predicting that rain is certain or likely for five days running starting tomorrow. Well, rain for the next two days and then showers for the three after that, so I'm likely to be stuck here quite a bit. It looks like I won't be getting the bargain cheese (or vodka) at Safeway, but maybe the rain will let up long enough at least once for me to get the bargain soups at Grocery Outlet. Other than that the grocery shopping will have to wait until much later in the week, or even until next week. It's a good thing my freezer is stuffed (unless there is a power outage, in which case it could turn out to be a very bad thing.)

No cats resembling mine turned up in the rescue pages again today, but there was one who looked very much like one who sometimes lived next door to me. I gave the matchers the neighbor's name, though I have no idea where he is. They can be pretty good at tracking people down, and if this is his (actually his visiting sister's) cat, maybe at least one kitty from that block will find its way home.

I heard several flocks of waterfowl flying north over Chico tonight. Some were geese, but I didn't recognize the calls of the others. It's definitely warmer now than it was last week, and if those birds are any indication it's likely to stay that way. Finally.

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