rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sunday a Bit Late

A rainy night and morning gave way to an overcast afternoon. I discovered that one of the shirts I bought a K-mart a few days ago still had the security device on it. They must have had the system turned off the day I was there as the alarm didn't sound when I left the store. So I made a special trip this afternoon to get the device removed. On the way back it began sprinkling again, but not enough to get me seriously wet. It was actually rather pleasant to walk in the mist for a while under the gray clouds. It would have been nicer if the road to K-mart had sidewalks all along it so I didn't have to walk in the bike lane, but Chico.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry, but I have to stay here to take a telephone call at 3:15 in the afternoon so I won't be going to Raley's this week. The rain is not expected to return until Tuesday afternoon, so maybe I can take a chance on going out then. Wednesday is supposed to get very wet, but the weekend should be mostly clear. After that the long range forecast has only a couple of days with showers. Maybe the rainy season is finally going to end.

I had a surprisingly good artichoke for dinner, but I didn't cook it quite long enough. I don't have my big kettle anymore, and I'm still not good at judging the heat on an electric range. Next time I'll let it cook a bit longer, though I'll have to remember to pre-heat extra water in a smaller pan to add to the water in the medium kettle, as the water boils away in that one before the artichoke is done. And at least I now know where to get good artichokes around here. I don't think I'll be replacing the big kettle, though, as this kitchen doesn't have storage space for it.

Still keeping an eye on the rescued cat postings, but none resembling any of mine turned up today.

Sunday Verse


by Paul Celan

Dreams, eddies of evening's aurora,
slumbering lake in a sun-setting lily,
come, ebony sister, frost in all silence,
sister to him who crowned you with wreath

snowy pocked sky, blanket the brow,
on eyelash to ferry the flowering cloud,
laugh, rover in humblest vestments:
tomorrow — the autumn of walnuts?

You won't suffer your shirt, sewn with the shadows,
spider of stars, to blanket the night...
The slumbering gold, the fog drifts afar.
Who longs for the dew? The tears — who?

–translated by Julian Semilian and Sanda Agalidi

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