rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sun Comes Out

Sunshine was back today, and I got out and bought some things at K-mart. There's another heavy flannel shirt, a lighter weight shirt, and a light weight zipped hoodie for spring, plus two pairs of shoes. The clearance prices haven't hit bottom yet, but they are running very low on stuff in my size, so I decided I should go for it now. The hoodie has inside pockets as well as the usual pouch pockets on the front, which is something I've never seen before, and I'm not sure what I'll use them for. The hoodie has to be mostly unzipped for you to even reach into them, which seems quite inconvenient.

The mockingbird sang in the back yard for a while this afternoon, but I'm still not seeing or hearing many other birds. A tree, perhaps a dogwood, is in bloom on the other side of the trail just up a bit from my yard, but I can only see the top of it. It looks a bit blurry since I need new glasses, but I enjoy seeing what I can of it anyway. Things will probably be blooming a bit earlier in the valley than they did on the ridge, and I expect to be seeing new leaves within
a few weeks. They will be getting more water, as light rain is due starting Saturday, and more serious rain could arrive on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday. The whole region, so recently dessicated, is now sodden, and there has been serious flooding on the far side of the coast ranges. I'll bet the wildflowers will be spectacular this year, if they don't get beaten down by a late storm.

I have nothing planned for the rest of the week or the weekend. Maybe I'll get a chance to go shopping on one of th dry days, but I'm not counting on it. Mostly I'll be on the Internets, I suppose, looking at pictures of cats. Except for a trip to Trader Joe's to get more beer. Life in the mini-metropolis, huh?

Goodbye, February.

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