rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Two markets, two markets, today for fat pig. Well, the fat pig came from only one of them. Country style ribs, which I will prepare as carnitas. I've got some tortillas I need to use up, and an abundance of salsa. I also couldn't buy any frozen items today because my freezer is stuffed. I should probably ease up on the shopping until I thin out my larder. If I buy much more there will be no room in the refrigerator for beer, and that would be unthinkable.

I'm feeling particularly crappy tonight for some reason. I keep getting stitches in my side. Probably something I didn't eat. Also I'm getting cricks in my neck. But I'm going to try to get to sleep early (well, earlier than usual) tonight and get up as late as possible tomorrow. First I have a few dishes to wash, and then there might be rum I have to drink. I don't want it going stale on me.

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