rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Work and No Play

The shopping didn't happen today, but is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow. Most weeks, shopping on Friday would be a bonus because of Safeway's Friday sales, but this week they've got nothing of interest to me.

But none of this is of interest to me either. In fact I suspect that none of this is of interest, full stop. I've been getting uncommonly dull of late. My lack of enthusiasm for almost everything is likely a result of PTSD. Changes so drastic as I've experienced the last three months are bound to have consequences, but I must say that ennui was not a consequence I was expecting.

But then there's always weather. Rain is still on for Monday, and likely Tuesday and Wednesday, but until then it will just be chilly and probably dry. Southern California got some snow today, and there were reports of a few flakes even in Pasadena, which is very rare. It didn't stick at that elevation, of course, but it did in the mountains.

My neck is really annoying me tonight. Must find a chiropractor.

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