rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Catless

I didn't get out at all today. A cat matcher sent me photos and video of a cat she thought might be Portia, and the appearance was close enough that I tried to arrange transportation to the place in Paradise the cat was being kept until it could be transferred to Marysville. Nobody was available to help, but it turned out to be just as well, as I called the place and they told me the cat had a tipped ear, which Portia doesn't have, and which wasn't noticeable in the photos unless you looked really close, an then only barely. Not getting a ride saved me a twenty-some mile round trip to go with the disappointment. That took up the better part of the afternoon, and then it got much chillier than expected and I just didn't feel like getting out in the cold, especially when there was nothing I needed from the stores.

But then I made a pretty good dinner with the second of the two pork chops I bought at Raley's, plus some of the asparagus I got there and some of the quinoa rice pilaf I bought at Grocery Outlet. The pork chops, the first of which I had night before last, turned out to be the best I've had in years, and were a real bargain, the package only costing $1.03 after they took a dollar off because it was so close to its sell-by date. The chops actually cost less than the asparagus, though about twice as much as the serving of pilaf. In fact the bottle of porter I drank with it cost almost as much as the meal. If I could find more bargains like those I'd not only eat better, I could also afford to drink more beer.

Several days of possible rain have reappeared in the forecast. Sunday might be dry, or might bring only showers, but Monday and Tuesday now have a high probability of real rain. It's going to be fairly chilly, too, so there might be even more snow accumulating in the mountains. This is already a very good snow year, and it could get even better. It means no more worrying about water shortages until 2020 at the soonest.

It's possible I'll be getting a ride to Safeway tomorrow, but it's not yet definite. I have plenty of stuff on hand, and can easily get to Trader Joe's and Grocery Outlet if I run out of anything, so it's not a big deal. But a rainy Monday means I probably won't be taking the bus to Raley's this week. That's one reason I haven't looked a their ad. If there's something there I really want and I can't go I'll be disappointed, and I've had my quota of disappointment for this week, so best not to look.

Yikes. I just checked the battery on my phone and it's down to 6%. I really need to remember to check it more often. It makes some kind of bloopy chiming noise when it gets down to a certain level, but I can't really tell the difference between that bloopy chiming noise and all the other bloopy chiming noises it makes. Simple, old fashioned stupid phones really spoiled me. I'd better go plug the damned thing in.

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