rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Trees Being Troublemakers

Tonight I fixed the rockfish from Raley's for dinner. I tried cooking it the way my mom used to make fish, dredging it in salted and peppered flour than dipping it in beaten egg. Halibut works better that way, but the rockfish was okay. I fried the whole half pound, which I could have downed easily twenty years ago, but now I'm thinking I could have made it last for two meals. Four months ago of course I'd have ended up feeding at least a third of it to the cats. Those little guys loved fish.

The possibility of rain showers has returned to the forecast for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It will be a good thing if there is some rain since the tree pollen count has gone up in Chico, and will be higher still tomorrow through Saturday. I haven't escaped it by being off the ridge. I sneezed quite a bit today even though the block I live on has few trees. The neighborhood to the north has an abundance of them, and I'm sure the pollen has been drifting this way on the soft breezes.

I got three messages from matchers today about cats that might be mine, but only one looks like a possible match to me, and that one only slightly. Black cats are difficult to recognize, and I'd rely on the cat recognizing me before I could be sure. No news yet on where that cat is, but I'll probably hear back from the matcher. The cat has been trapped but they didn't say where it is. I actually saw a photo of a cat that I thought bore a closer resemblance some weeks ago, but that cat is in a barn cat program in Sacramento. It might have been adopted out by now.

On the way to Trader Joe's for beer and orange juice today I stopped at the Goodwill store and found an interesting book, a nicely done collection of maritime photographs from the archives of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. They cover the years 1850 to 1950, and while some of them I've seen before in other books most are new to me. I think I'll enjoy looking at them many times. Books like it are not often found in the Goodwill store, which tends to be heavy on popular fiction and romance. Finding it was lucky timing. Knowing that it was printed on dead trees is also nice, now that the trees are trying to kill me again.

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