rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Why Does the Shortest Month Seem So Long?

So I signed up via Internets for the customer card at Raley's, the ritzy supermarket across the street from the déclassé Save Mart, and took the bus there today to take advantage of the new-member offers of five bucks off of a $25 purchase plus one of their $3.99 reusable jute shopping bags for a dime. I got out of the place for less than $23 with a loaf of bread, two limes, about a pound of asparagus, two pork chops, a hunk of rockfish, a bagel, an avocado, a jar of honey mustard, and a good sized chuck roast, all of which fit neatly into my new jute bag for the ride home on the bus. The fish and meat will provide me with at least six meals, the side dishes and such for which I've already got on hand, so a successful shopping trip, I suppose.

All the rain has been removed from the forecast until a week from Tuesday, when only showers are predicted. The patch on the roof will have to wait a long time to be tested it appears. Unfortunately the nocturnal temperatures are still going to drop into the thirties except for tonight when it will get down to 28. The days will still be in the fifties, so fairly typical valley weather for February, except no fog is predicted. Paradise, on the other hand, is going to be colder, and could have rain and snow showers on Wednesday and showers a couple of days later in the week. I guess I'm lucky not to be up there, aside from the whole all my cats being lost thing, and the whole all of my stuff and personal history being burned thing.

But enough of that. Now that new shelters have been arranged (Fire Cat Farm, a rural property in Butte Valley, very near Butte College, has opened to house rescued animals, an a new base camp for the trappers and trappees has been set up in Paradise itself with room to accommodate several cats at a time) and a couple dozen cats and a handful of dogs have been trapped over the last couple of days. While I think it is unlikely that any of my cats will be found at least there will now be more pictures of newly trapped cats to look at again. The stream had slowed to a trickle, despite there still being upward of a dozen trappers on the ridge, in addition to the volunteers who are feeding and watering hundreds of roaming cats, and maintaining the individual cat shelters that have been placed throughout the town.

The whole situation is still exhausting, though. I doubt I'll be able to concentrate on much of anything else as long as it is going on. That could be months.

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