rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last Dry Day?

So I got to the bank this afternoon, and then went to the nearby branch of Raley's, a regional supermarket chain that is based in Sacramento. They are nice stores but tend to be too pricey, though today they did have a few items I wanted at sale prices no worse than the other stores' regular prices, so I splurged. Then I went to Trader Joe's and splurged again. Now I have such luxuries as maple syrup and Tillamook cheese and a huge artichoke. I'm all set for the rainy streak,which could last as long as five days but probably won't.

I dawdled a bit too long in Raley's and ended up missing the bus home even though the bus was a few minutes late, so I ended up waiting at the bus stop for over an hour until the next even later bus came along. Chico is a very dull place to wait for a bus, and a very noisy one, especially on that street, which has surprisingly heavy traffic. Fortunately I now have a cellphone and get Internet on it, so I was able to entertain myself.

Returning from Trader Joe's (a separate trip) I fixed another dinner that turned out to be too large, and ended up napping. Now that I don't have a couch I thought I could avoid those unintentional naps, but i turns out that beds induce naps too, even i your intention is merely to sit down on them for a couple of minutes. Furniture is dastardly stuff. Now it's almost midnight again, and I still haven't done the dinner dishes. The bed is suggesting I don't really have to do them, but I'm refusing to listen. I will wash those dishes and then look at pictures of cats again before I even go close to that bed.

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