rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dry For Now

An unexpected chance to go shopping came today so I went to Safeway and got a number of things. I can almost find my way around that dimly lit place now. I have no idea why it is, but both of the Safeways I've been to in Chico have unusually dim lighting for supermarkets. Given my failing eyesight it is difficult to adjust. I'd prefer to shop at the brighter Save Mart, but Safeway's prices are better. I just wish the place didn't make me feel like ordering a drink and making out with somebody.

After returning to the apartment I considered making a quick run to Trader Joe's for beer, but got hung up on the Internet and before I realized it, it was too dark. Maybe tomorrow, after I finish the banking I absolutely must do. If it turns too late then, I might have chance Tuesday, as rain is not predicted to begin until afternoon. The big rain is supposed to arrive Wednesday. The cold air brought by the polar vortex has been dryer than expected, but warmer air from the Pacific is expected to be wet enough to make for a decent storm.

No news on the black cat resembling Shadow, but a few people think it might be theirs and so the trappers might go for it. They try not to trap cats who aren't pretty close to definitely identified by an owner with housing, as there is nowhere to put the ones who have no home to go to. I'm sure I'll get a PM if it is trapped and turns out not to be any of the other cats.

The dinner I made tonight was too big and I'm feeling loggy. Time to wrap this up.

Sunday Verse

In the Park

Maxine Kumin

You have forty-nine days between
death and rebirth if you're a Buddhist.
Even the smallest soul could swim
the English Channel in that time
or climb, like a ten-month-old child,
every step of the Washington Monument
to travel across, up, down, over or through
—you won't know till you get there which to do.

He laid on me for a few seconds
said Roscoe Black, who lived to tell
about his skirmish with a grizzly bear
in Glacier Park. He laid on me not doing anything. I could feel his heart
beating against my heart.
Never mind lie and lay, the whole world
confuses them. For Roscoe Black you might say
all forty-nine days flew by.

I was raised on the Old Testament.
In it God talks to Moses, Noah,
Samuel, and they answer.
People confer with angels. Certain
animals converse with humans.
It's a simple world, full of crossovers.
Heaven's an airy Somewhere, and God
has a nasty temper when provoked,
but if there's a Hell, little is made of it.
No longtailed Devil, no eternal fire,

and no choosing what to come back as.
When the grizzly bear appears, he lies/lays down
on atheist and zealot. In the pitch-dark
each of us waits for him in Glacier Park.


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