rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

The long range forecast is predicting day after day of showers for at least ten days starting Monday, and we're supposed to be getting showers on Saturday too. But then the last time they predicted so many days of rain in a row it didn't happen, and we even got a few very mild, sunny days during that period, so maybe they'll be wrong again. I do hope so. I have things I want to do that involve going out, so I'd like the rain to be scheduled for a few days now and then, thanks.

Today was dry, though it looked like it would rain for a while. I went over to Grocery Outlet and bought a gallon of water, since I still haven't found a Brita pitcher and filters. The K-Mart in Paradise always had them, but the one here has only a couple of odd pitchers and no pitcher filters, though it has a lot of the faucet mount type. I can't monkey with the plumbing in a rental property, and don't like the faucet mounted filter systems anyway. I might go look for a Rite Aid store, if it doesn't start raining day after day.

There were only a couple of new cats added to the rescue pages today, and none I recognized, not surprisingly. But a neighborhood cat has been hanging around here, and was perched on my back fence for a while last night. A couple of nights ago it almost got into a fight outside my window. I opened the front door and turned on my porch light and it scared the other cat off, so I didn't see it. The neighborhood cat didn't thank me. It's probably waiting to see if I'm going to feed it before it decides if gratitude is in order or not.

Damn, midnight has slipped by again. And I still haven't done the dinner dishes. Will I ever have a routine again? Or, maybe this ismy new routine. Terrible thought.

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