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Oh, dear. Look at the time. I let myself get distracted again, tripped over the Internet, and fell into it. But it was a very busy day. gracegiver and her husband came by and took me to a couple of the animal shelters I hadn't been able to get to so I could checkout some found cats who resembled a few of mine. None of them were, but I got to spend a few minutes petting a kitty who looked very similar to Portia.

Then we went up to Paradise and I looked at the ruins of my house for the second time. According to an official sign posted out front the hazardous waste has been removed, and the chimney has been knocked down. I don't know if it was knocked down by someone acting in an official capacity because it was itself a hazard (the other chimneys on the block all appeared to be still standing, or if maybe some bored kids knocked it down for fun. A number of instances of vandalism have been reported in the town, as well as some belated looting. There was rally never anything to loot at my house.

There was still a bit of snow on the ground in a few places, mostly in clumps along the roadsides, but the scene was as depressing as ever. A handful of businesses are open, and a few houses that survived the fire are re-inhabited, but other survivors are just boarded up, including the one a the end of my block. Mostly the place is still just ruins, and dead trees and the stumps of dead trees that have already been removed, which includes the two big ponderosas that stood in my next door neighbor's front yard. It is most likely PG&E that cut them down, since they were within easy falling distance of their new power lines.

A vehicle I don't recognize was parked in the street at the end of my driveway, and both of its front tires were flat. I have no idea who it belongs to, and it wasn't there the first time I went up a couple of months ago. Odd. But it was very quiet up there, and it was nice to be out of the noise of Chico for a while. I really miss the quiet. I suspect that being in this place that is noisy so much of the time is one of the things keeping my general anxiety level higher than it has been in a long time.

Several new cats appeared in the Facebook postings this evening, though again none of mine, and there were a few reunions noted. The days all seem pretty much the same on those pages after so many weeks. The same routine, just with different cats. But then I do like a routine, which helps keep me calm, or calmish anyway, though a break in it now and then like today is nice, too. Otherwise I could start feeling like Sisyphus.

Cold but dry again tomorrow, and down to 29 degrees tonight, and then rain probable again on Friday and Saturday. A bit of that polar vortex has decided to visit us, I guess. So it goes. I hope Deborah and Kyle's kitties are enjoying the blanket that has been restored to them. Happy cats always make me happy.

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