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Still Cold [Feb. 6th, 2019|12:00 am]
There was snow as low as 200 feet in parts of the valley last night. Chico must have gotten some, though I slept through it. When I got up around ten o'clock there was sun and the ground was only damp, but there was water running off the corner of the roof where the downspout is faulty. Pooled rain wouldn't have lasted that long up there, so it must have been snowmelt, though there was no trace of snow left anywhere on the ground.

Later in the afternoon I went to the Goodwill store and found a pair of speakers to plug in to the computer. It's been almost three months since I listened to anything on YouTube with proper sound. Right now I've got some Tears for Fears going, and will follow that up with some Icehouse and maybe Duran Duran. I'm saving the Satie for bedtime. The speakers are decent, but don't sound as good as the pair I had at my house. I looked for a set of those various places but nobody has them anymore.

Busy day tomorrow. The new owner of the apartments is coming for one more walk-through, and then gracegiver will be coming about noon to fetch the blanket she left behind last time she was here. I've actually been worried about her kitties missing their blanket, cats being such lovers of routine. I'm glad they'll be getting it back. My cats all had their favorite familiar spots. I hope any that are alive have found new spots they fel safe in.