rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After some pretty heavy rain late last night the day managed only an intermittent drizzle until early afternoon when it became partly clear. It has been dry since, but has gotten very cold, and there could be snow down to 1000 feet tonight. It will get colder still for the next two nights, bottoming out Wednesday night/Thursday morning at 28 degrees, but no precipitation is predicted after tonight, at least until Friday. But it's going to stay rather cold for the next couple of weeks at least. February usually is the coldest month in these parts, so no surprise there.

I went to Grocery Outlet this afternoon hoping to get some of the cheese they had on sale, but it had already sold out. I got my donuts anyway, and a small bag of chocolate and some ginger ale. It turned into a junk food run, in other words. I blame the Superbowl fans who probably snagged all the cheese. Football is bad for your health even if you don't play it.

The cat search remained fruitless again today, but the trappers are still hard at work, spotting new cats all the time, so I'll keep following their posts. Now I'm going to make some cocoa and try to chill without being chilly.
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