rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain Due

The mockingbird was hanging around in my back yard again today. Sometimes it was hard to hear it singing since there was a lot of noise today, including machine on the bike path which was probably cleaning the pavement, as it was very loud and moved rather slowly. The bird is unlikely to be here tomorrow afternoon unless it doesn't mind getting wet, and that' when the rain is supposed to begin.

For that reason I went to K-mart this afternoon and bought an umbrella, then stopped at the Sportsman's Warehouse to buy that two-pack of battery powered lanterns. They are quite bright, but the package says they only burn for ten hours (three AAA batteries don't have much energy in them) so I'll have to use them sparingly and make sure I'm stocked up on batteries.

The people who are buying this place from the flippers are coming by at ten o'clock tomorrow morning to do a final walk-through. They are likely to find me bleary at that time of day. I should probably do some tidying tonight, since I certainly won't be able to do it in the morning.

No plans have been made for shopping yet, and I'm guessing I won't be getting any rides on the rainy days, which means Tuesday would be the most likely day to go. That's cutting it pretty close since that's the last day of the sale.

Not many new cats were posted today, but there were pictures of several found previously who have now been reunited with their owners. Still loads of unclaimed cats and dogs at the shelters, many of them most likely owned by people who aren't on the Internet, or who haven't been able to remain in the area and don't know about the rescue programs. I suspect that the majority of these animals will end up being adopted rather than returning to their former owners. It's sad that here is so much ongoing disruption.

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