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Today I managed to get back to sleep before sunrise and then wake up by half past eleven again, though my brain as usual was not fully functional much before one o'clock. By then it was too late to plan anything significant, so after looking at the morning's assortment of rescued cat photos (not very many today) I wandered over to the shopping center to take a look at that big sporting goods shop which is having a clearance sale. They have some high-end clothing but the sale prices are higher than the regular prices at department stores for stuff of about the same quality. There were plenty of hoodies in stock but none in my price range. I'll just wait until K-mart restocks.

They have cast iron cookware in their camping gear department, but that is also rather pricey, and not on sale. The skillet for $22.99 looked a bit smaller than the one I had, and felt a bit heavier, but would surely be workable. I might get one later. I did see one other item I'll probably go back and buy at some point. It is a two-pack of LED lanterns that run on three AAA batteries, and it was a reasonable $16.99. My battery powered lanterns that burned up were a bit larger and a bit cheaper, but I haven't seen anything like them anywhere in Chico, so this is probably the best I can do here. They also had two kinds of real, substantial tea kettles, but they both had metal handles, which strikes me as a bit dumb. I don't want to be using a potholder to pick up the kettle every time I boil water.

I'm really hoping I can get a ride to Safeway this week, as they have good deals on several items I could use, but there would be too much to carry on the bus. None of the other stores have much of anything interesting this week. It might be that I won't get to go, though, since tomorrow is the last mild day for a while. It's supposed to start raining again on Friday afternoon, get very rainy and windy on Saturday, and then showers will continue into Monday. Maybe I should go get those battery powered lanterns tomorrow. Even if I freeze because the power goes out at least I'll have light to read by.

My brain seems to have run dry. I thought there was something else I was going to say, but I guess not. I am getting rather tired anyway, so I should probably just read for a while and go to sleep.

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