rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Good Day

This was certainly the most exciting day I've had since I arrived in Chico. zyzyly and gracegiver came to visit along with gracegiver's husband, and they brought not only a load of delightful books (and a bookcase to put them in) but a desktop computer as well. I don't have to squint at the monitor any more, or deal with the touchy touch pad that does things like close the browser when all I want to do is scroll up! Plus there are four of zyzyly's photographs for display, so I now have something to hang on these bare walls. Oh, plus a small elephant and a Hello Kitty for company. LJers are the best!

And it will no longer be necessary for me to fight with my bedclothes at night as I went to Kmart yesterday and bought an electric blanket. The fleecy thing that was always trying to break my ankles in my sleep is now sequestered in the closet, and last night I stayed warm without being weighed down by it, or having it slide of the bed and leave me to wake up chilled. The electric blanket turns out to be quite docile and comfortable, and did not try to electrocute me.

Now if I can figure out what change in my diet since I came here has been making me queasy for the last couple of days I can start feeling more or less human again. I think it might have been the chili I made with a non-standard spice mix and hamburger that might have been sitting in the refrigerator a day or two too long before I moved it to the freezer. I no longer have a nephew hanging around eating stuff before it has a chance to go bad.

There are no special plans for tomorrow. Early next week I might try to take another bus ride. Given my transportation situation I'll have to start dealing with the buses eventually. But whether I do that this week or not will depend on whether that queasiness goes away or not. On of the traumatic events of my childhood was when I threw up on a bus when I was about five yeas old, and I certainly don't want to relive that event at my age.

Time for a last check of today's cat pictures. They are much easier to see on this big, bright monitor. Thanks again, Deborah, Kyle, and Michael.

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