rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Feeling Dull

The sunlight actually felt warm today, though the air was cool. No arrangements were made for banking. I decided to go to the Grocery Outlet this afternoon once it was too late to do anything else, and ended up buying several things that had not been on my list. There is a small bag of something called Meyer lemons, which I haven't tried yet but they smell good. I picked up a jar of off-brand soy sauce, and some pre-made gnocchi and a bottle of sriracha. The cupboards no longer look bare.

The store also had some Arrowhead sparkling water in the old-style bottles they abandoned several months ago, but all they had was lemon flavored. Arrowhead made a mandarin orange flavor that was infinitely superior to the ordinary orange with which they replaced it when they changed their bottle style. I'm hoping that Grocery Outlet has some of the mandarin orange stashed away in a warehouse somewhere and it will show up at my store eventually. I had three bottles of it in my house in Paradise, which I thought might have been the last three bottles anywhere. It would be nice to get some more.

The more significant loss was the cats, of course, and once again none the photos posted today resembled any of mine. It's going on eleven weeks since the fire, and although the volunteers say there are still hundreds of cats roaming the ruins it seems ever more unlikely that any of mine are among them.

It seems I'm getting later with posting every night. I keep running out the clock and posting after midnight. I can't seem to keep track of time anymore. It must be from the excitement of living in the metropolis.

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