rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


One of the trains just went by on the other side of town, and filled the chilly night air with its melancholy sounds. I went out after it had passed and looked at the moon, now as visible as I wish it had been the night of the eclipse.

As I expected no arrangements were made today for going to the bank tomorrow, so that task remains in limbo. So does getting to the animal shelter to see if any of the cats there are mine. The odds of getting to Sacramento to see the cats being put into the barn cat program is of course pretty much out of the question. The world is moving on without me, and I'm stuck in this odd place.

Since nothing else was happening I went out late this afternoon and picked up a couple of kitchen items from Dollar Tree. I now have a vegetable peeler and a cheese grater. I'll probably use them only rarely, but they are things one has in one's kitchen, even if the kitchen doesn't feel like theirs. Normalcy. Sort of.

Reading time.

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