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Chilled [Jan. 21st, 2019|11:55 pm]
Tomorrow won't be banking day after all. Another transportation-related delay. Maybe I'll go on Wednesday. There is no rain in the forecast for the next ten days, and probably beyond, so whenever I go will probably be dry. If I don't go until Thursday it will actually be almost warm. In fact we have to consider the awful possibility that our rainy season is already over in these parts.

If the drought is as bad as it was last year we could end up having places a lot bigger than Paradise burn later this year. After all, the parts of Redding that burned earlier this year were mostly less wooded than Paradise, and some of the parts of Santa Rosa that burned last year weren't wooded at all. It's stating to feel as though California is standing on the edge of doom.

But enough cheer. It's getting late again, and while it might be warm in a few days it's anything but that tonight. I want to go get under my covers that I fight with in my sleep. They are fine when I'm awake and reading, but something happens after I fall asleep and by morning I'm tangled in a mass of synthetic fleece that is trying to rip one or the other of my legs off. I really miss my wool blankets. Not as much as I miss the cats, of course, but a lot.