rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last Minute

The banking is likely to be delayed again, until Monday, though I might get to go shopping Saturday. It's going to be rainy again on Sunday, which is unfortunate since that is the night of the total lunar eclipse, and since it is a supermoon (closer to earth than normal) it is likely to be impressive. Totality will last just over an hour, and there will would be a very strong "blood moon" effect in California because the eclipse will start fairly soon after sunset here. I'm sorry we're going to miss it.

The rain was furious again last night, and another downpour happened early in the morning, as the gray light was growing. This time I braved the icy floor and got up to look out the window. The parking area was flooded, with only a few high spots not covered in water pocked by hundreds of raindrops. The noise was awesome. Then around eleven o'clock an alert came over my mobile phone warning people to beware of flash flooding throughout the county. It seemed rather late to me, since by then the rain here was a mere sprinkle, but perhaps it was still falling rapidly at the higher elevations.

The remainder of the day was fairly placid, and we even got a bit of sunshine before nightfall. I only did the short walk up and down the block, though. It was very chilly out. It's going to get much chillier next week. with nights dropping into the thirties. I've never really adjusted to the climate this far north, and my southern Californian toes disapprove of such temperatures.

One of the cat rescue people sent me a video of a gray cat she thought might be Blue Boy. I can't tell from the video, in which the caged cat is yowling loudly and unhappily, but I was told he has a tuft of white on his chest. One of my gray cats has a very thin line of white, though I wouldn't call it a tuft, but I can't remember if it was Blue Boy or Rowdy. The cat is not Rowdy because his ear is not tipped, but if it might be Blue Boy I'd like to arrange to go see at him, just to be sure. If it is him I doubt he would be happy to see me, though. He was one of the least social of all the cats, and never once let me pet him.

Midnight is creeping up again. Why does that keep happening? The passage of time is all askew these days.

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