rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Fit for Man nor Beast

The fury of the current storm has been astonishing. Sometime before dawn I was awakened by a loud, sustained noise that I took to be a strong wind, but today I was informed that it had been a downpour that had lasted for several minutes. I had not gotten up to see as the covers were so warm and cozy.

There were a few periods of lessened activity this afternoon, during one of which I managed to get to Grocery Outlet, but the rain returned in force this evening and is only now letting up a bit. Tomorrow is predicted to be much the same as today, but there should be some clearing by Friday. Last time I was outside, a few minutes ago, I did see a ghost of the moon among the rushing clouds. An encouraging sign.

I might get to do my banking on Friday, as well as my regular shopping, though there aren't many bargains at the stores this week. I should get some more real food, as when I went to Grocery Outlet I bought almost nothing but snacks, including two packages of donuts. I did pick up a can of ripe olives and a loaf of bread, to assuage my conscience about all the sugary treats.

This evening I came across a cat photo that I'd lost track of. It is a black male cat with a tipped ear, which might be Shorty, one of my back yard ferals. The last time I saw the photo the cat was at the emergency shelter in Oroville, and I was unable to arrange transportation to get there to see him. The problem is that the album he is in now is one from a shelter in Sacramento, which is preparing to adopt rescued cats believed to be feral out as barn cats.

If I couldn't get to Oroville I certainly couldn't get to Sacramento. I don't know how Shorty would do as a barn cat. While he sometimes chased birds I never saw him catch one, and I never saw evidence that he was supplementing his diet with any other wild food. I don't think he's a very good hunter, and might disappoint anyone expecting him to keep mice out of their barns.

While Shorty was afraid of other people he always trusted me, and was always happy to see me when I went outside, though what he really wanted was a feline friend. He tried to make friends with most of the cats who came into the yard, but never had any luck. Porky tolerated him, and Shorty would go to greet him whenever he came into the yard to eat, but Porky would just hiss and avoid him. It was really sad to see how disappointed Shorty always was at this.

It would be great if Shorty could be adopted by someone with a cat who actually liked him, but the odds of that seem slim. If the cat in Sacramento is Shorty, he might get a feline companion, if not a friend, as the barn cat program encourages adopters to take a pair of cats. It would make me very happy to know that Shorty had a home where he was well fed and had a cat with whom he had bonded, and not too much interference from people, so a barn cat program might be ideal. But I'd have no way of knowing this cat is Shorty unless I could get to Sacramento to see him and he recognized me, which I'm sure Shorty would do. It's unfortunate that the program wasn't set up somewhere nearby.

The low-grade headache that is probably the result of not getting my neck adjusted is persisting, and I really need to find another chiropractor soon. I also need to find a podiatrist to deal with that ingrown toenail, a dentist to deal with my failing teeth, and an optometrist so I can get some new glasses. Then even though I have no furniture to speak of at least I'll be more comfortable, and able to see without squinting how empty this apartment is.

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