rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rain Beginning

So I didn't get to do the banking today after all, or go to the stores, and it's going to be raining for the next couple of days. My life is full of disorder and delays these days. The list of things needing done keeps getting longer. I'm likely to be an old geezer before I get caught up. Oh, wait. I am an old geezer! Well, never mind.

It actually started sprinkling before sunset, so since I'd wasted most of the afternoon waiting to go to the bank and not going, the brief walk I had time for was just up and down the block again, and it was damp. I don't mind walking in light rain, even when it's cold, but I don't like walking in the street or crossing busy streets when they are wet, especially when it is getting dark. Maybe I'll go out tomorrow if there are any breaks in the rain, but it seems unlikely there will be. It's supposed to be a pretty heavy storm, though not as heavy as the one Los Angeles will be getting. It isn't raining yet, but intermittent sprinkles have dampened everything and the streetlights are reflecting in the shiny black pavement.

I made a fairly decent pot of beans flavored with some leftover bacon for dinner, and enough remains for another meal, but I missed having fresh bread with it. Bread was one of the things on my shopping list. I'm also running low on beer, so there might be a damp walk to Trader Joe's in my near future. It might have to wait until Wednesday, though, or even Thursday, depending on the intensity of the rain.

Right now my head is fuzzy, and the low grade headache that is probably the result of two months without a chiropractic adjustment of my neck is very distracting, so I think I'll just fall into bed and read for a while.

Still no news on the cats. There weren't many new photos posted today, and none bearing any resemblance to any of my cats. If any of them are at large I hope they find shelter from the coming storm.

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