rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Blow, No Hookers

The wind is blowing hard in Chico tonight, making me suspect a power outage could be coming. At least dinner is over so I won't be needing the stove. But I have only one flashlight to read by should I lose the regular lights, and of course only the one book and a couple of magzines. I had a couple of battery powered lanterns before, as well as lots of candles. Now I have one candle in a jar. Not well preparred.

Knowing I'd be unlikely to get an evening walk tonight I went out earlier during a break in the rain and watched the traffic back up at the light on East Avenue. People in Chico are going to get pissed off at all these refugees pretty fast, I think. Traffic was heavy here before the fire, but now it is downright metropolitan. Nowhere near as alluing as Sunset Boulevard on a Friday night, but almost as slow. I'm glad I don't have to drive in it.

There were several new pictures of cats yesterday, but very few today. Today was two months since the fire. There isn't much time left for the trapping and resdcuing. The first stages of the cleanup will start later this month, and as it proceeds many of the bits of rubble that cats have used as hiding places or shelter will be coming out. If any of my cats are hanging round that property they are probably taking refuge in the collapsed metal building that was on the lot behind mine. When I saw it I noted there were a number of little spaces in which a cat might stay out of reach of a coyote. I don't know where they would go when that ruin is carted off.

I was able to log in to my Flickr account this afternoon for the first time in many years. When Yahoo took over they changed th elogin proceedures and I got locked out. I'm glad somebody else (SmugMug) is going to be running the place now. It's a bit late for me, though. I no longer have any pictures to upload there. They all got burned up.

Beingin this plaace is exxhausting, even though I'm not doing much of anything. Maybe the inactivity is what is exhausting me. I'll be glad when it clears up a bit on Thursday and I can spend a bit more time outdoors and away from this computer screen. My eyes are getting bleary.

There ws other stuff I was thinking but I've forgotten it. The wind is howling louder. I shouldpost this while the posting is possible.

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