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Warning: more complaints (in case anybody's getting tired of them.) Last night my tooth was aching again, and today my ingrown toenail was giving me a bad time, so I hobbled about all day. I still managed to go for a short walk up the block about sunset, but it took longer than usual. I'm also getting some cramping in my neck, probably as a result of not having had an adjustment in two months. I really need to find a good chiropractor soon. Aside from that, and being too cold all day, I was only moderately miserable. At least I don't have the norovirus.

The big RV that was parked in the driveway for the last week or so was gone this evening. I don't know if this is temporary or permanent. I never found out who was in the thing, but I think they were the ones who were hogging the washing machine and dryer. If it wasn't them then one of the other tenants must have been doing it, and I can't look forward to better access when doing my laundry. I hope it was the RV-ers.

One of the trains is going by on the other side of town right now. Damn, those things are loud. The horns blow almost constantly as they pass through the old part of Chico, which has several crossings close together. Though I'd rather live in the older part of Chico than out here in this 1970s neighborhood across the freeway I keep thinking how much louder the trains would be there. I wonder if the charm and walkability would be worth the extra noise. Several trains a day pass through the town, so there would be frequent annoyance. But then I'm stuck here with a one year lease, so it's just an academic question for now anyway.

Still no pictures of any of my cats among those trapped by the volunteers today. If the rain due Saturday starts on Friday night, tonight will be the last dry night for quite a while, and I don't know how many of the trappers will be wanting to go out in the rain, or how many cats will venture out of whatever dryish hiding places they've got. It's likely to be way more miserable up there than I am down here, and that's pretty miserable.

Just heard an loud engine in the driveway and it looks like the RV is back. Ah, well.

Shopping is almost a certainty happening tomorrow. I hope I can get to all the stores this time. Between them I should be able to get sale items that will last me through most of January. I have no idea what my gas bill will be here, so I want to economize on groceries as much s possible, just in case. Tonight I just had soup for dinner, it being so cold, and I don't have beer with soup. Maybe I'll drink the beer now. It might help me get to sleep. I'm eager to get under the warm, if recalcitrant, covers. I really wish I could find some old-fashioned wool blankets, though. The stores around here have nothing but heavy comforters, synthetic fleece, and twisty, snaggy vellour blankets these days.

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