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More Winter Ahead [Jan. 2nd, 2019|11:45 pm]
Today I finally talked to an agent at AT&T who had a bit of a handle on the situation here. She actually had a cousin who had been burned out of Magalia, the area adjacent to Paradise on the north. She zeroed out my final bill for me, so I'm done with that at least. I actually believe that I overpaid with my last bill, but I didn't want to open that can of worms, so I'm going to be satisfied with just not having to pay the "final bill" that I believe re-charged me for services I didn't get but had already paid for anyway. And it only took about six weeks to get to this point. Great improvement over the company's historic average level of service.

Other than that I got little done today. I did make out a shopping list, but don't know if I'll get to go to the stores at all, or if I do just when. Last week I had no chance to get the things I wanted from Safeway. I can do without those, though a few were good bargains, but this week there is stuff I really need. Eventually I'll be able to use the local transit system for some trips, but others involve bulky or heavy items for which a car will be necessary.

Rain is due Saturday, with four more days of either rain or showers to follow. I'm not looking forward to it, though we do need a very rainy season desperately. I'm going to miss the hundreds of square feet of covered outdoor space I had at my house. The closest I could get to that level of luxury here would be if I pitched a waterproof tent in that tiny back yard.

A few more cats were captured on the ridge today, but still none of them mine. I expect that the rate of trapping will slow way down when the rain starts, and the cats still at large will be enduring even more misery than they have been. I've been thinking a lot about Frosty, my big white and grey cat, who had grown very fussy during the days just before the fire. It occurs to me now that he might have been trying to tell me he had some sort of health issue developing, perhaps bowel or kidney related, which is not unusual for a neutered male of his age. If that is so, then being stuck in that toxic wasteland with no food or clean water and no medical attention could well have finished him off pretty fast, if the coyotes didn't get him first.

God, this crappy laptop is pissing me off. There's enough instability in my life without a machine that acts worse than Sluggo adding to it. I'd better post this before the thing crashes and loses it for me.