rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Counted Down

One of the things squirreled away in my house was a big bottle of Guinness which I had bought at the Grocery Outlet about a week before the fire. The big bottles were rarely seen up there (or down here, as it turns out) and I was saving it for New Year's Eve. I've been unable to replace it, so I'll be drinking something else when midnight comes. I suppose it will be noisier here than it ever was up on the ridge, but I'd come to enjoy the relative quiet of the holiday there. Individual sounds of revelry stood out instead of being lost in a general cacophony, and that oddly made the occasion seem more festive.

One of the markets here had a sale on prosecco, so I bought a bottle of that. Lacking the proper glassware, I'll be drinking it from a heavy beer glass, but I doubt that will affect the effect, as it were. This is, of course, assuming I can even get the bottle opened. I have no experience with opening sparkling wine bottles with their elaborate stoppage, and anything remotely mechanical is apt to give me a bad time. I'm sure these things can smell fear. I should probably down some vodka before even trying, just to calm down, but then I remember never mix never worry, so maybe not.

Something I remembered this evening is the Midwinter editions of the Los Angeles Times that were published this time of year when I was a kid. They were mostly for promotion of tourism, and featured an oversized magazine full of pictures of southern Californian things, and a review of the previous year's local events and articles about what would be happening the next year. About 1959 I began saving these magazines, but the paper stopped publishing them just a few years later. Still I had several issues stuck away in a drawer somewhere, and one day intended to dig them out and look at them again. Now I will never know what memories of those times they might have triggered— memories now drifted away like smoke or turned to cold ash sitting in the depopulated silence of a winter night amid the devastation.

Okay, now I've thoroughly re-depressed myself. Happy New Year to all, and I hope nobody ever has a year as bad as the one I've just been through. I know what I'll remember 2018 for. I wish I could forget it.

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