rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Spent a lot of time looking at cat pictures again today. Out of desperation I also went to Taco Bell again. That's a lot of desperation. I remembered to get some packets of hot sauce this time. There are four, one of which is called Diablo, which is almost hot. The others run from fairly bland to utterly bland. White people's food LOL.

Anyway I've squandered so much time today that it's after midnight already and I should go to bed so I can get up bright and nine-ish tomorrow and do nothing again. It's almost a new year. Something is making me think it won't be any better than this one has been. My brain seems likely to continue getting mushier, and my house won't unburn itself. I need to find new distractions so I won't stay in this dismal mood constantly for the next year. Something like that. I can't think right now.

Looks like I'll have to buy a television, and subscribe to cable since this town is a broadcast desert and my T-Mobile service doesn't provide enough bandwidth to watch much of anything online.

Crap, I'd better sleep before I drive everybody else to drink.

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