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Trivia [Dec. 28th, 2018|11:58 pm]
Went to -mart today but the prices on the shelves were not the ones I saw on their web site last night. I bought some stuff anyway, because I don't know when I'll get another chance to buy it, and it's stuff I do need. One thing I still need but haven't found is a tea kettle.

One would think a simple tea kettle would be an easy thing to find, but apparently not. So I'm still heating water for tea in a pan on the stove top. But these little irritations at least keep my mind occupied so it doesn't wander back to worse things more often.

In fact I managed to obsess over trivialities most of the day, providing a nice vacation from grief and anxiety. Whatever would we do without the mundane annoyances of life? Probably fall into despair.

It's been chilly again today, despite bright sunshine, and will be quite cold again tonight. If I had a water bowl for cats in my yard it would probably have ice on it tomorrow morning. A depressing thought. Look how late it is. Time sometimes flies whether you're having fun or not.